The dinner takes place in one of the Kibbutz of the Menashe Region.

Suitable for tourists on their way to the North (Nazareth, Tiberias) and also for those who come to Menashe Region for tracks.
The kibbutz air-conditioned dining hall can host up to 500 people.

Self-service (serving can be arranged upon request).

Variety of salads - unlimited

Soup of the day

3 types of meat to choose from

Rice/Potato/French Fries/Cooked Vegetables

Hot/Cold Drinks – unlimited

Optional: Special local breakfast: 2 salads, “labane” with olive oil, cheese, honey/jam, lemonade, pitas, hummus. tehina, olives, tea, coffee.

Dinner: Salads, tehina, hummus, olives, grilled chicken / cutlet / pullet / shashlik, stuffed vegetables, pitas, cold drinks, coffee, baklava

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